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Grandparents especially love small gifts, made by hands of their beloved grandchildren.

Choose a clipart piece, which expresses relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren and help your kids to make their own bookmarks.


Tools and materials:
Home printer
Sheet of white construction paper
Thick metal ruler
Hole punch


1. Take a sheet of heavy stock paper 20 cm (8�) height. You’ll better prepare strips for several bookmarks at once. For this measure strips of 6 cm (2,5) width and thoroughly cut them with a knife and metal ruler.

2. Mark a place for a hole at the top part of the strip and help your child to put a hole with a hole punch.

3. Enlarge the image
17026 “Reading with Granddad 1� (for a boy) or 17027 “Reading with Granddad 2� (for a girl) up to the width 5 cm (2�) and print it.

4. Let the child cut out the image and glue it. 5. There are several options to superscribe the bookmark: you can do this yourself, let the kid write or to choose some from the page
templates_wording, print and glue it. 6. Let the child draw a frame (even if lines will not be so straight) and sign the gift, if he can.

7. Tie off with ribbon, fancy string or yarn. Note. It’s a good idea to laminate a bookmark to make it last longer.

Now your bookmark is ready.

Do the same with different images to prepare little gifts to other relatives and friends.