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Before placing an order, please familiarize yourself with our store policy.

Copyright Policy:

You can use free clip art images on your personal and corporative web pages.
Free clip art is for non-commercial use only!

All contents and graphics were created and copyrighted by
All non-customized clipart pieces are royalty-free. After purchase they can be used in any way and as often as you like. There is one exception to this - you cannot sell or share our clipart pieces to any image collections. If you know someone who would like our clipart, please ask them to visit our website.
If you order exclusive images in
Individual Zone you purchase all rights on them depending on your order agreement in each case.

Refund Policy:
We do not refund purchases, but we will provide technical support. If you have problems, contact us.
If you lose or corrupt the file, please, inform us during 30 days and we resend it to you.
We guarantee only the quality of the files and formats we provide.
We are not responsible for the quality of the converted or resized files or failure to convert or to resize them in any programs.

Privacy Policy:
The information we collect from you will not under any circumstances be revealed or given away to any third party except in the case of a subpoena or another legal process. We will not keep any information about you longer than necessary. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your personal information.