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Frequently Asked Questions
- Free Clipart.
- Vector Clipart.
- Customized Images and Clipart by Order.
- Digital Portraits and Caricatures.
- Illustrations.

Free Clip art.

Question: Why do you give clip art for free?
Answer: I give my clip art for free to those who need it only for use in Internet to popularize my artwork and to attract more customers to my GaliGifts shore.

Question: How can I use free clip art? 
Answer: You can use images on your personal and corporative web pages. Free clip art is for non-commercial use only. As well it can't be used in any other on-line collections. If you put my link while using my artwork, I will be grateful. If you would like to have a reciprocal link, contact me.

Question: In what are format I get free clip art image? 
Answer: You can download an image in transparent .gif format ready for Web.

What I do if I need a larger image or an image in different formats? 

Answer: In these cases you can purchase vector clip art in my and then convert images to any size and any format you need.

Vector Clipart.

How do I order your clipart? 

Answer: Browse the catalog until you find the clipart(s) you require. Click the  button to add the product to your shopping cart. Feel free to leave the site and come back later: the items in your cart are stored for up to a year. When you feel you have everything that you need, go to your shopping cart and click on "Check out". You will be asked to choose a method of payment. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal.

Question: When I purchase a clipart image, what exactly I get – digital or printed picture?

Answer: As a rule, you get digital image. The price is settled for a digital image.

Question: How and when will I receive your clipart? Do I download them? Or will you send me a CD or a floppy? 
Answer: Please be patient. Your clipart will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours after receiving your order. You will receive a package in the .ZIP format. It can be opened using WinZip. And contains files of a similar image in three different formats.

Question: What are formats, in which I get the clipart?
Answer: You get an image in JPG format to be used in bitmap programs and in viewer and in two converting formats: EPS and .PDF, which make opportunity to use them in vector programs. More details about these formats, please, read in Tutorials: Files Formats.

Question: What do I do if the files are corrupted? 
Answer: Don't panic. Contact us immediately and we will help you solve the problem. 

Question: What is your refund policy? 
Answer: We do not refund purchases, but we will provide technical support. We guarantee only the quality of the files and formats we provide.

Note. You can resize vector images if you are open and save them in the vector programs ( as Macromedia Freehand (preferred for our images) Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. If you save EPS in bitmap program, choose one of the bitmap formats: PSD, TIFF, JPG, GIF or others.

Question: Can I get the clipart printed?
Answer: Yes, you can. We can print images for you in any size you wish.But you must take into consideration charges of shipping. Check an opportunity of printing your image close to your living place. Prices for printing and shipping see here…

Question: What is your copyright policy? 
Answer: You can sell or give away items that you produce with our clipart.  However, you cannot sell or share the clipart images. You can’t include them to any image collections. If you know someone who would like our clipart, please ask them to visit our website. 

More details about our copyright policy read in the Store Policy.

Customized Images and Clipart by Order.

Question: What changes to a clipart image can I order?
Answer: You can order any changes, you would like: modification of size, direction, color changing one or more details, combining few images into one or splitting one image into several single images, adding wording, combination of clipart item with photo and any other.

Question: How much would it cost?
Answer: Pricing depends on number and complication of changers you request. We'll calculate price for your order and contact you for continuation the ordering process during 24 hours.
You can see approximate prices here…

Question: Can I get portrait likeness by changing details of clipart?
Answer: By changing color and shape of hair and face you can get very general likeness. If you wish to get portrait likeness you would better send us a digital photo and order a cartoon portrait. It may be combined with a clipart image.

Question: How do I order customized clipart?
Answer: Please describe your requests as thoroughly as possible.
If you order new clipart define:

  1. Subject
  2. Style
  3. Way of usage
  4. Preferred colors
  5. Details

We'll calculate price for your order and contact you for continuation the ordering process during 24 hours.

Question: How much time does it take?
Answer: Usually it takes from … to…
You can find more details concerning our time framing here…

Digital Portraits and Caricatures.

Question: How I order a digital portrait?
Choose the kind of portrait you would like to get

Send us one or more quality photographs by e-mail and detailed comments for future portrait. Weevaluate the artwork, and email it to you. We will also discuss all necessary subjects and details. After the payment confirmation we start the artworks.
We will email you your artwork images for your review during 48 hours. More details see here…

For caricature you will firstly get a sketch to be approved. It takes additional time of three business days to complete your caricature. More details see here…

Question: How long will it take to get my portrait?
We usually send ready digital portraits within 2 to 3 day after receiving all materials and payment.

For a caricature it takes 3 days to prepare a sketch and after confirmation you’ll receive a ready image within 7 additional days. If a portrait is needed sooner, we are ready to discuss placing a rush on your order. A rush fee will be required.

Question: Can I order a portrait of my pet?
You can order a portrait of your pet, of your car, of your house and of whatever you want. As well, you can order a group portrait together with a pet or with a car. You dream it. We’ll create it.

Question: When I order a caricature, what exactly I get – digital or printed picture?
As a rule, you get digital image. The price is settled for a digital image.

Question: Can I get the clipart printed?
Yes, you can. We can print images for you in any size you wish on paper, watercolor paper or canvas.
If you prefer to receive the work printed, check all opportunities and prices and order printing and shipping while you place the order. In this case the artwork will be shipped in a well protected package with the reliable shipping company. Shipping will take from 7 till 14 days, depending on the destination. Rush delivery available.
Prices for printing and shipping see here…


Question: How do I order an illustration?
Answer: contact us and input the details of the illustration, you would like to get, like:
Usage type
and any other.

We'll calculate price for your order and contact you for continuation the ordering process during 24 hours.
After receiving the payment confirmation we create the sketch in black and white and email it to you. In standard case this stage takes up to 5 workdays.
You can request for modifications if necessary after reviewing.
Please, point out all remarks in one e-mail. All posterior changes will be fulfilled for additional fee.
We send you the modified sketch and after your approving, create the illustration.